becoming an education partner

If you are connected to businesses, professional services firms and/or community services organisations, a unique and exciting opportunity exists for you to become an MYP Partner.

Simply introduce these decision makers to MYP’s School Results Surveys via MYP Education Partners receive School Results Surveys at a wholesale fee (20% reduction on advertised subscription fee). This reduction can then be passed on to the contact or claimed by the Education Partner to create an additional income stream. Education Partners also receive 10% of the advertised subscription fee from Subscribers of Partners they have introduced to MYP.

There is no cost to become an MYP Education Partner, the process is very simple and will only take a couple of minutes.

the solution for your contacts

MYP's Education Partners are able to introduce the School Results Surveys solution to their contacts. School Results Surveys offers a suite of online survey tools for parents, students and staff which can be used by independent private, public and Catholic schools, and child care centres for marketing, strategic planning, identifying operational issues and statutory reporting.

register now

To become an MYP Education Partner, simply complete the following information. Once registered, you will instantly receive an email containing everything you need to get started.