Where is our organisation’s data stored? +-

Data is stored in secure data centres located in relevant regions as required by law (e.g. Australia and New Zealand data in Australia, UK data in the UK). MYP offers multiple levels of security and data protection. It backs up all data and in the unlikely scenario of a catastrophic event at one data centre, the data is also replicated in a separate data centre in a different location.

In relation to documents, an encrypted backup occurs daily.

In addition, MYP conducts regular penetration testing which replicates the process of hackers attempting to penetrate the MYP systems. Aside from real time monitoring to track any attempts to access the MYP site, results from penetration testing have demonstrated that MYP is a very secure environment.

Are we provided with the terms and conditions of the subscription prior to subscribing? +-

MYP subscription terms and conditions are permanently available on the MYP website. They are located at the bottom of the screen on the MYP homepage.

What ongoing support is provided after we subscribe? +-

For Subscribers and users who have completed training, they will have access to MYP's online support system. Our standard Service Level agreements are as follows:

System availability

99% up time on the availability of the system over a 12 month period (excluding planned system maintenance which will be conducted outside standard business hours. Planned maintenance down time is communicated to Subscribers)


All Subscribers automatically receive Level 1 Support which includes access to a range of comprehensive user manuals, videos and the MYP Knowledge Base.

By attending a customised webinar or face-to-face training session in a particular MYP module, Subscribers gain access to Level 2 Support for that particular module. This includes all the benefits of Level 1 Support plus the valuable ability to lodge user support requests related to modules in which training has been completed.

All support requests will be responded to by a support team member within the following timeframes:

  • During standard business hours:
    • Non-urgent - 2 hours
    • Urgent - 30 minutes
    • Critical - 15 minutes
  • Outside standard business hours:
    • Critical - mobile support by rostered MYP support member

Users of the system, who have not had training from MYP, will only have access to Level 1 Support in the online support system. This means, for any user support, they will be directed to the relevant section in the user manual or training video.

System error

In the rare event of an operational system failure, the support team is automatically notified by the system itself and the issue will receive immediate attention during standard business hours.

Do we need any special technology to ensure the system works? +-


Can we use the system on a PC or Mac? +-

Yes, you can also access the system on tablets and mobiles using an internet browser.

What makes your solutions different to other providers? +-

MYP’s range of modules combine to provide a total solution for organisations of all sizes across a range of industries and sectors. All MYP’s modules connect to ARM (CRM hub) and can be subscribed to individually to ensure your organisation has a relevant, easy-to-use, low cost solution that drives performance.

Is the subscription user-based? Does it cost more when we increase our staff members? +-

In most circumstances, your subscription is a flat monthly fee. It is not affected by the number of users (except where you pass through specified user bands) in the system or usages of the system. Where you subscribe to myDocs and eMarketing modules, there may be usage fees for large scale email activity or document storage requirements.

Can our clients log in to the system if we want them to? +-

Yes, depending on what module you have subscribed to, this function is available.

How does the MYP system integrate with other systems? +-

MYP provides its own APIs (Application Program Interface) or connects to the APIs of other software. An API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks. A software engineer then puts the blocks together.

Do we have to purchase a minimum number of modules? +-

No. Our philosophy is that you only subscribe to those modules that assist you to operate your organisation more efficiently.

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