MYP offers a range of training options to ensure you unlock the full potential of your MYP platform and, consequently, your team. MYP Certified Training and Professional Development sessions are run by our certified trainers to maximise engagement and learning. Courses are designed for large staff groups or individuals with skills ranging from beginner to advanced.

Through Certified Training, your staff will stay current with the latest updates and best practices, minimise time spent in the learning process and secure efficiency and benefits from MYP right from the start.


These tailored training courses are specifically designed around your organisation’s objectives. In consultation with our Learning + Development Manager your course is developed to be relevant to the specific roles and competencies within your organisation. The tailored onsite training sessions can be held at MYP’s training facilities or an agreed external venue.


Online training offers flexibility for those organisations who are unable to attend onsite training, but understand the benefits of customised sessions. Training for multiple modules can be held during a single session, ensuring efficient use of time and the best value for your money. The length of the sessions is determined by the number of modules required for training. It is recommended each attendee has access to a laptop or tablet to ensure a high level of engagement.

(ONLINE 24/7)

The myTraining platform provides access to Certified Training and Professional Development sessions open to all Subscribers 24/7. These courses are centred on specific modules and can be accessed by staff as often as required. myTraining courses are ideal for new staff members or any staff requiring refresher training in a particular module. Upon successful completion of a myTraining course, a Certificate of Completion and access to Level 2 support is automatically applied.


Professional Development sessions are ideal for Subscribers who have completed training previously but require more in-depth and role-specific areas to be covered for their unique organisational needs. MYP Champion Professional Development is provided through our myTraining platform. Alternatively, Subscribers are welcome to request specific tailored sessions to meet their training requirements. Professional Development attracts CPD/CPE credit for relevant sectors.

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MYP offers comprehensive technical support available to all Subscribers via the online support system. From our myTraining 24/7 platform to our online manuals to our ticket system management by our dedicated support team, you will be sure to find the answer to any of your questions.


The MYP myTraining platform is available 24/7. Courses are divided into short manageable lessons with videos and resource downloads. They offer a quick visual way to find the information you need.


User manuals (myGuides) include detailed instructions on every function of all MYP modules. All manuals feature screenshots and are continuously updated with every release.


Our support team is available to address any urgent system issues you may have. In addition, after attending the Certified Training session for a specific module, you will automatically gain access to Level 2 Support and will be able to lodge user support requests.


All MYP Subscribers automatically receive Level 1 Support, including access to the myTraining platform and manuals. Level 2 Support can be unlocked for modules by simply attending a Tailored Training or myTraining course for a specific module. 

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